Rider Training

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What license do I need to ride a scooter or bike in South Africa?

Do I need a learner's license or bike license to purchase a scooter or bike?

No, we just need a copy of your I.D. to purchase a scooter or bike, but it is your responsibility to comply with the rules of the road.

Can I ride a motor bike or scooter with a car drivers license?

Afraid not. It's common in some EU countries to allow people to ride motor bikes with a capacity up to 125cc with a drivers license, but not in South Africa. In S.A. you need a motorcycle license or a motorcycle learners license. The motorcycle learners license is easy to pass (it is a simple multiple-choice paper) and we have a great training facility which will virtually guarantee that you pass. (note that you are not allowed to carry a passenger until you have your full motorcycle license).

I am 16, can I ride a bike or scooter?

Yes. If you are 16 and over you can ride a bike or scooter with a capacity up to 125cc as long as you pass your motorcycle learners license. Remember you are not permitted to ride on any Freeway.When you turn 18 you can ride a bike of any size.

Where do I get my learners license?

At one of the License Testing Centres below. You can download the Learners license application form (attached PDF to download) and fill it in before you go to the traffic department. The test is a multiple choice exam and once you have passed you can ride! The learner's license will last 2 years in which time you need to pass the physical motorcycle test or pass your learners license again. With your learner's license you can ride any size bike but you are not allowed to carry a passenger.

What do I need to do to book learners license?

Your ID book and two photographs and R60. You must present yourself for an eye test.

Application for learner's licence

Gauteng: call the Gauteng Provincial Call Centre at 08604288364 to obtain a preliminary booking (date/time/reference number).


Source: Joburg Driver and vehicle licences

Langlaagte Licensing and Testing
(011) 837-5527

Midrand Licensing Department
(011) 256-8570

Randburg Testing
(011) 793-3792

Roodeport Testing
(011) 758-6840
(011) 758-6850

Marlboro Sandton
(011) 321-6300

(011) 495-2600

Xavier Junction (Ormonde)
(011) 496-2990

Sandton Licensing and Testing
(011) 321 6354
(011) 321 6300

Tshwane (Pretoria)

Source: Tshwane Testing centres

Tshwane Licensing Call centre
(012) 358-7557

Centurion Licensing
(012) 358-2985/6/7/8/9

(012) 702-2633
(012) 702-0949

Centurion Testing
(012) 358-2985/6/7/8/9

(012 )358-1262

(012) 719 8003
(012) 718-8866