Our Markets

Southern African Motorcycles (SAM) caters to a variety of markets. The main target market is the 16-year-old teenager. As South African legislation allows a 16 year old to obtain a drivers license for a 125cc motorcycle these bikes are ideally suited to this market. Because of stylish looks and excellent fuel economy, gone are the days of the old 50cc.

Parents of these teenagers will also experience the joy of the SAM range of Motorcycles. With excellent fuel economy, they have become a very affordable means of transportation. The convenience of not having to cart children to school and extra-mural activities is a bonus for any parent. Added to this the sense of independence that the bike brings makes it a winning combination for all.

Holidaymakers will flock to buy one of the SAM range of Motorcycle. Cities like Cape Town, Knysna and Plettenburg Bay are notorious for traffic congestion during holiday periods. What easier way to pop off to the local store or the beach than with a little run-a-round scooter. Holidays are there to relieve stress not enhance it with traffic jams.

The SAM range of motorcycles is also ideal for business. Delivery vehicles for chemists, offices, fast food outlets and the like can take advantage of this pacey little number. Certain models come with an optional extra delivery cabinet, which can be mounted at the rear of the cycle. There is also space under the seat for smaller packages.

First time bike owners and young businessmen will also find that the SAM’s range is very appealing. Stylish, zooty, quick and convenient but still very affordable. Our Motorcycles by far are the most economical transportation solution in this hectic world that we live in.