Southern African Motorcycles Pty LTD (SAM)

SAM was founded in 2003 by two young entrepreneurs that had a dream. They wanted to make motorcycling affordable and available to everyone. They wanted to make it affordable enough so that each and every household in South Africa would be able to own a motorcycle. And they have done it!!!! SAM decided to adopt pricing strategy that would ensure that our customers would always receive the lowest price with the highest quality. When entering the market SAM was single-handedly responsible for ensuring that the average price of scooters were reduced by up to 50% without ever compromising on quality.

We continuously strive to improve our QUALITY, SERVICE & SPARES BACK UP and we pride ourselves on setting the benchmark within the motorcycling industry with regards to these vitally important criteria. We are confident in saying that we offer the largest range of 2 and 3 wheel motorcycles at the best price and quality in South Africa. SAM pioneered industry altering ideas that have now become the norm by all players in the motorcycle industry. These include dealership empowering programs where we take a candidate with the right drive and determination and through training and mentoring turn them into thriving motorcycle dealers. Through continues skills development programs SAM has ensured that all our dealers and their staff are exposed to regular training sessions, ensuring that quality of service you as customer receives is of a World Class Standard.

SAM in close conjunction with our manufacturing partners in China have ensured that you the customers are exposed to the latest and trendiest motorcycles available from the East. Through partnerships with the manufacturing plants, SAM ensures quality standards are maintained and South African NRCS standards are adhered to at all times. This ensures that you the customer get the best quality product all the time at the best price. This passion for Quality and Service will give you the customer “Peace of mind” when you or a loved one gets onto one of our products.

The South African economy and changing customer trends are a constant challenge to SAM. Driving our team of experts to stay at the forefront of technology to ensure each and every need you the customer may have is met. We have a vision that each and every South African household should own at least one motorcycle. This will assist in ensuring that you share in the savings it offers as a transport mode. Not only financial savings but also personal independence, which comes from owning your own transport. Then there is the added benefit of joining OUR FAMILY.

In a country with insufficient public transport SAM’s range of commuters fill a very important gap in the market .Being able to travel to and from work at an affordable rate on a reliable commuter must be one of the most important focus points of everyday life. Spending up to 40% of your salary on transport is just not acceptable any more. Now you can own your own transport at a fraction of the cost of public transport. Freedom to travel is freedom to live!!!

Today we can proudly say we supply the best scooters, motorcycles and recreational vehicles at the best price in South Africa. We also offer the best After Sales Service available in South Africa. Motorcycling has once again become the domain of the people and not just the wealthy.

We are proud to say that we are the largest importer of 2 and 3 wheel vehicles into South Africa according to official government released monthly natis figures. Knowing what it means to become number one against all odds has made us stronger and more durable. This ensures you the customer can rest assured you are dealing with the best people in the industry.

Make sure you choose one of our products when buying a motorcycle to avoid disappointment later. Remember memories can not be erased, so make sure you avoid bad memories and buy a SAM product from the start.